10 Ways To Build An Email Marketing List

So many people seem to have the opinion that email marketing is old school and something that just doesn’t work anymore. Whilst it is true that a good email campaign is hard to come by nowadays it doesn’t mean that making a success out of it is impossible! There are still many companies that manage to do it!

Here are just a few tips on turning that boring, old-school spam technique into the modern email marketing campaigns that are run by the best of the best!

#1 Great Design

There is nothing worse than arriving in your inbox to see an email from a company that looks like it was written and designed in the late 90s. There is only one place that people will put your email and that’s in the spam section of their emails!

Take a look at your current email format you are sending out and get together with various members of your company to see if you can come up with any ideas on refreshing the design. The chances are the way the email looks hasn’t been updated in a good few years!

#2 Are You Taking Advantage Of Social?

Don’t think that just because you are sending out an email that it shouldn’t contain all of the social buttons that people are so used to nowadays such as Facebook and Twitter. If you aren’t including these in your emails then how are people going to share the great offers and quirky email you have come up with from your redesign session?

People hate forwarding emails and would much rather tell all of their friends about it on social networks, so enable sharing!

#3 Free Guides & PDFs

People love freebies and if your freebie is something that is worth the hassle of signing up to an email list then make sure you tell your visitors! There is no point just sitting on a fantastic white paper, guide or PDF that you have produced exclusively for your email friends if you are just not making it clear on the site. If you haven’t produced a guide then why not think about doing so?

#4 Exclusive Offers

Although very similar to your guides and PDFs these are more based around ecommerce sites that physically have something to give away or can offer out at a discount. For example, why not promise your email friends that they will receive several offers for your site a month that no one else has access to you are bound to get more sign ups!

If you do take this on this idea then make sure you don’t make it impossible for people to share with friends (even if they haven’t signed up to your email) as sometimes a great offer that people think they have gotten through “cheating the system” can end up going viral!

#5 Make The Sign Up Button Clear!

This is something that well over 80% of sites fail to do and you will find this is a big reason why the email sign up button on a site just doesn’t work. Take a look on a number of sites and you will find it is always in the top right corner, way out of sight! Consider doing some tests to place it in more accessible areas and see what kind of results you get!

Getting the button in the right location on the site will significantly increase the number of people signing up to your emails.

#6 Email Blogging

This is something made quite famous by viperchill.com and basically consists of putting together a daily/weekly/monthly unique blog post that offers out tips and insights that can only be found within the email and is only available to people that are signed up to your list! The only thing to keep in mind here is that the content in your email blog needs to be just as good, if not better, than the content on your blog that everyone can see. Make it something worth being signed up for!

#7 Get The Product First

This is another one for you e-commerce guys and is one that sites such as play.com use very well. If there is a popular product that has been announced but hasn’t yet got a release date or you cannot currently pre-order it then why not stick a sign up to email notification button on the product? This not only allows you to collect email addresses but it also means customers can get popular products before everyone else has realised it is now on sale or pre-order, a certain win, win situation!

#8 Competition

This is arguably one of the easiest ways you can collect a bunch of emails but not always the best way as you will find that many people have a “competition email address” that they use simply to enter competitions. All you have to do is give something small away and make it so that the only way you can enter is to put in your email address.

This technique can also be used to gain Facebook and Twitter followers!

#9 Create A Game

A small game might take a few days; even weeks to create but if you introduce a competitive score system within it you may find it to be a great way to collect email addresses. At the end of the game all you need to do is ask people if they would like to be told if their scores are beaten and hey presto you have instant emails flooding in!

Mix this technique in with a competition for a truly winning formula!

#10 Have A Preference Centre

If you are a big company (especially online retailers) then the chances are that customers don’t want to sign up to receive information for every product on the site but are more likely interested in a specific category or range of products.

If your site is a big one full of many different products then it is worth considering a preference center page where people can choose to sign up to certain emails that only go into the things they are really interested in!

Of course, make sure you have a collective email that goes out too as there will still be people that want to see everything.

So take some of these tips into consideration and just watch your email lists grow!