5 Best Blog Ping Tools

Pinging in blogging unlike the ping when you chat online is an XML-RPC-based push mechanism, which by using a weblog will intimate the search engine servers of a recent update to the blog. Thus, this acts as a third-party interface between your blog and the search engine, letting many of the services to pull them out for targeted keyword search.

The five best of the blog ping tools are discussed here:

1. Feed Shark:

This is one of the best blog pinging tool that allows your podcast and feed to be pinged! What is good about this tool is that they have made it much user-friendly to promote their blog online with the push of a button, in three simple steps. Step 1 is to enter your blog title and URL, once done Choose and submit the target services in Step 2, and paste the code on your site In Step 3. Very Simple! Now your blog will be pinged every time you do something, edit or post a new post!

2. Pingoat:

This is a service notifying a number of services to keep track of weblogs and publish them as and when required or hunted for. Every time you ping your blog, you are letting to know those services about your blog posts. This means next time, they will crawl down to your blog to pick them up and thereby increases the popularity of the blog posts.

3. Blog Ping Tool:

You can now Ping your blog free using this tool to notify search engines, other related blogs and RSS feeds, which is accountable to more than 40 best in the industry. This tool does their job of increasing the popularity of your blog or your blog posts by driving more traffic to your blog. All you have to do is spend 30 seconds to ping your blog that will let know your updates to more than 40 sites.

4. Ping-O-Matic:

This is one of the best and popular blog ping tool that is easy and convenient to use. Use this regularly to tell search engines and other blogs of your updates. If there is one ping tool that I will recommend, then this is the one as this automatically pulls out information from your blog.

5. PingMyBlog:

This service works hard for you to promote and popularize your blog and blog posts. They let know all the major blog directories of your updated blog posts that you will find that this will make easy for the search engines to pick your site next time, is only a click away after you copy and paste your blog or post URL.

So how did you find these blog pinging tools? Do let us know dear readers!