5 Mistakes To Avoid While Commenting On Blogs

Why do you comment on blogs? Just for links or to add additional value to the blog post? Or do youcomment for both? Many commentators commit small mistakes while commenting on blogs. Let me tell you a few of the things you should never do while commenting on any blog.

Mistakes are the stepping stones to success

1) Commenting As If There Was No Post!

Many people have a habit of commenting on posts without even reading what lies there actually. I’ve seen that happen on many blogs including Blogging Junction. While I don’t hate it, I do feel that one should only mount one’s views after reading! If the post reads Adsense, many people comment on anything related to Adsense (Not the topic on which that post was based on). I don’t encourage such type of ccomments I think you should avoid this entirely and you should comment only after reading the article.

2) Links Inside The Comment Text

These days I’ve seen many people linking in from their comment text to their site. These people design their comments in such a way that their site keyword comes in it and they link to their site from the comment. They also write related to the article to make their comments look genuine. But I regard it as spamming! I am totally against this! Don’t be in group of such people!

3) Hi, Nice Post!

Don’t post these types of comments. Many bloggers don’t like these sort of comments. These types of comments are used to get quick links by commenting (At least I think so!) Please avoid this!

4) Keywords In Author Name Field

People mostly reject comments containing keywords in author name field unless their blog terms show that they allow it. So I don’t recommend using keywords as names. Instead use names like Saksham @ Blogging Junction. These are mostly approved by blog moderators.

5) Posting Many Comments In Single Post, Just To Get More Backlinks

Avoid this! You may even lose the one link you were to get. 😛 Don’t be greedy. Just post a single comment. If anyone replies, carry on the conversation. No problems then!

Remember, mistakes are the stepping stones to success! 🙂