8 Tips For Hosting A Successful Blog Contest

Blog contests are a great way to become popular in no time.Blog contests help in getting lots of free visitors which you can easily convert into regular readers. Contests are a place where your visitors or readers can get something good, something premium for free. Thus contests attract a lot of people to your blog!

Some contests attract hundreds of visitors, but some tend to attract tens of thousands! So do you want a contest that attracts thousands or are you happy with a few hundred visitors? Here are a few tips that can help you convert your one blog contest into a thousand plus visitors!

1) Choose An Attractive Title For Your Contest

Title acts as the first impression for your blog contest. Choose an attractive title for your contest. Just a simple headline “Blogging Junction Blog Contest” won’t attract anyone and you will eventually get no participants. Make the contest headline attractive like “Win An I-Pad, Cameras & Lot More” or “$1000 Cash Prize Up For Grabs” and so on… Mention only the best prizes you have on offer, not all!

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2) Choose A Proper Start & End Date

Make sure the contest doesn’t run for a very long time. Its preferred to run blog contests for max to max 15 days and if you have really good prizes on offer you may run the blog contest for a month, but no longer than that! After 3o days the contest will turn boring, in fact very boring!

3) Create Banners For Your Blog Contest

Creating banners for your blog contest and requesting other blogger friends and your readers to add it in their blog is a great way to get more participants. This will bring in a lot of additional participants to your contest.

4) Offer In Demand Prizes

Always try offering prizes which are in demand like the most popular blog theme, or a must use SEO plugin or a popular e-book written by Darren Rowse or an electronic gadget or any other thing in demand. Such in demand prizes will help you bring in a lot of participants. Traditional prizes like free links, banners, etc don’t work any more and you will end up getting no participants!

5) Spend Time For Promotion

Starting a contest is not enough. Promoting it is much more important. Let the world come to know that a contest is going on at your blog, what’s it about, what prizes are there for grabs, etc. Promote your blog at various popular forums, share your contest on social networking sites like Facebook and social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious, etc. Ask your other blogger friends to promote your blog contest in their blogs. Make your contest post go viral like anything.

6) Don’t Increase The Contest Deadline

Many times greed to get more participants makes us increase the contest deadline. Increasing the deadline will help us get a few more participants, but it may also have a negative effect. It’s possible for the other participants who participated before the deadline to feel bad and they may lose trust on your words. So if you’ve promised to end the contest in 15 days, do so! Don’t make it 20 days, 25 days and so on.

7) Decide The Method Of Choosing The Winner & Describe It Properly In Your Contest Post

The participants are often confused about how the winners will be decided. Some contests have judges to decide the winners while some use a software to pick up random winners and on the other hand some contests (mostly guest posting contests) function on highest number of tweets or Facebook shares basis. So whichever method you decide to choose a winner, mention it in your contest post and explain the way of deciding a winner in detail so that later there is no question to be asked!

8) Proper Planning Is Must

Planning your blog contest properly is the key to a successful blog contest. Decide each and every aspect of your blog contest well in advance like where you will promote your contest, how will you do it, how will you finance the prizes or if some one is sponsoring your contest decide all contest related things in advance.