How To Encourage Repeat Traffic Stickiness To Your Blog?

Looking at one of those adhesive advertisements, don’t you sometimes feel that placing an icon of the glue should do enough and more to retain visitors on your blog? The art, dear blogger is almost as simple.

This post will guide through a set of simple steps that will make sure that surfers visit your blog like how bees fly around a flower. But first, what exactly is stickiness?

Stickiness in traffic – Stickiness factor

What is stickiness?

A site or a blog is considered sticky if it manages to get users returning to the particular site or can hold their attention, thereby making them spend long periods of time on the site or blog. A sticky blog, therefore, is quite obviously preferred by ad agencies over ones that hardly have repeat visitors.

The basic recipe of stickiness

The primary factor that makes users return to your blog is ‘the purpose of your blog’. One visits Facebook to stay connected and You-tube to watch videos; Google to search and Flickr to see pictures. What does one visit your blog for? The answer to this question defines the purpose of your blog and more specific the purpose, more the stickiness.

What helps is a ‘simple yet unique name’ that comes immediately to mind of the user while he/she thinks about the nice article they had read or the nice picture that they had seen in your blog. ‘An unforgettable look’ created to associate with the purpose and name of your blog will further ensure that your blog stays in the minds of the users.

Interacting with visitors – An art in itself

Interacting with users is a delicate issue. To start off, it is Interaction Qualities important that you ‘make it a habit to update the blog regularly’.

Adding opinion polls works wonders for stickiness because the user comes back to see who won the poll and what happened to his opinion. The more the number of polls, more will be the stickiness of your blog.

Another way of interacting with users is quizzes and competitions. It is a human need to compete and win and more importantly, to find out who won.

Quizzes on your blog that are spread over a period of time will improve the number of repeat visitors like anything.

Comments too are an important tool to improve repeatability of users. First, it helps if you reply to user comments regularly and systematically and at the same time display comment threads in a separate and prominent section of your blog in order to escalate participation.

Instead of irritating users with way too many emails about comments on the posts they were active on, it could help to send a summarised mail at the end of the day.

Contests are a great way to interact with readers. We frequently do giveaways of discount coupons like auto trader and woot discount deals by conducting contests. This works great and makes people to come back. In fact, we found that sharing discount coupons are a great hook to increase stickiness.

Using technology to its fullest

Most bloggers do not consider the entire concept of an RSS Feed seriously. RSS Funny DesignRSS feed solves a basic problem for regular internet users. It lets them stay connected with the sites they are interested in while saving the time spent in visiting each site individually and ensuring privacy in terms of email forwards of posts and comments.

Make sure your RSS subscription icon is prominently displayed and is user-friendly; the latter being ensured by informing your user of what the subscription icon is meant for.

There might be times when a particular post of yours is facing a great deal of activity. This is the time when one shouldn’t just happily sit back and enjoy the traffic but instead make use of the same. Edit the post, and create links to other posts of your blog to make sure users surf the not-so-hit areas of your blog too. Be dynamic in assessing traffic situations. It could be the key to your blog’s stickiness.

Stickiness Vs Search ratings – The debate

Last, of all, it is important to be informed of a great debate that is still going on in the minds of various web designers, bloggers, and advertisers. While keywords ensure higher search ratings, they also ensure that the current visitors are bored out of their minds reading the same set of words.

What is needed is a fine line between the two. A balanced dosage of keywords coupled with fresh and interesting content will be the mantra for success. So follow this recipe and your blog is ready to be served, hot and delicious.