How To Find Time To Blog?

Life is Hectic! Moreover, if you are thinking of some extra money or building on your passion, whatever the reason is for you to blog, it is very hard to find time for blogging.

Here are few tips that will help you to manage time for blogging

1. Set Goals and Targets that are Realistic:

You set goals and targets based on your workload and your capacity to manage. Compete with others but do not salvage your health in doing so. Even if you are slow, but being consistent will reap more harvests in the end. Quality outweighs the importance of quantity of posts when you blog.

2. Brainstorm Ideas:

Eureka! An invention while having a bath – well, this is how titles for blogging also occurs to your mind. Maintain a journal in which pen down the ideas for titles to blog as and when this strikes in your mind. If not, you will lose some interesting ideas to write. This is even much wiser that you can always write and rewrite the same article after a number of years when you have gained experience and can write out of your own experience, and link with the older posts. You can keep them on the desktop of your computer.

3. Map in your head before you begin:

The best way to start to write a post is by not using a pen and paper or by typing on the computer. Map the article on your head, and if you are planning to write a killer post, then first decide what you will be expecting at the end of the article, and revise it more than once. Gather all the required information accordingly, get ideas from others, write your own titles and subtitles, and jot down the points that you want to include in the article. This way you have composed the article in your mind, and have brought it to the paper. Now get ready to compose your post and will find how much time you have saved this way.

4. Write Fast To Begin:

Once you start to compose the post for the blog, write the article as quickly as you can at the pace and speed of your flow of thoughts. Forget the grammar, sentence and paragraph structure. Keep writing all your thoughts at the foremost. Once you have completed doing this, read the article and check for spelling mistakes, grammar and the structure to make the article more readable. This trick always works well, no matter what you write. Check out why grammar is more important than you think and here are some free grammar checking tools to improve your grammar!

I hope you were able to find at least some time after following our short blog post! We really hope you did get to know a few things about finding time to blog and how you can blog fast and concentrate less on less important activities!