How To Get Guest Writers For Your Blog?

Do you accept guest posts in your blog? Yes? Are you getting guest writers? No? One thing I’ve noticed about guest writers is that they prefer writing only on popular blogs or on sites having a high PR or high traffic. Almost all of them avoid writing for a PR-0 blog or a less popular blog with less visitors at all. Sometimes even if your blog is popular you do not get guest writers. Is someone taking them away from you? Do you want people to write for your blog?

Here are 5 tips to get guest writers for your blog.

  1. Offer More Backlinks

If your blog is only offering 1 backlink very few bloggers will be interested in writing for your blog unless your blog is very popular and has a good PR. So offer them 2-3 backlinks to attract them. This will invite a lot of bloggers to write for you. They can use one link for linking to their blog and the other to their blog keyword.

  1. Give Free Banners Or Blog Text Links To Regular Writers

Many bloggers like this extra promotion. Bloggers will like the banners and SEO Professionals may be attracted by text links. So offer such prizes to them!

  1. Cash Prizes Rock!

Cash prizes will attract bloggers, SEO pros and also freelancers as you’re offering hard cash. You could either pay on basis of each article they write, views their article receives, article popularity by number of comments or just by asking a panel of judges to decide the best. This works for sure!

  1. Softwares, Themes Can Bring You More Guest Writers

Though people like cash prizes more than material prizes, they still can go for anything free. So even software and other prizes will suffice. Try offering really really helpful softwares. Try offering prizes related to your blog niche so that they attract more people.

  1. Try giving away I-Pods, I-Pads And Other Gadgets

These prizes have a lot of takers. Everyone wants them. If you offer them as prizes be sure you will get tons of participants and a lot of guest posts! Though this can help a lot and give you a lot of traffic, it’s very difficult to give away these gadgets as they are very expensive. So try finding sponsors or empty your own pocket. 😀 This may not be a daily or weekly prize but can be given to really helpful and supportive writers. You can also give some little expensive things like pen drives, cameras, some computer peripherals, etc.

So what do you think of the ways I’ve mentioned to guest posts? Please do comment and let me know!