How to Leave a Quick Blog Comment?

I don’t think that I need to tell you how busy are we, the bloggers and that’s the reason we sometimes fail to comment on the blogs we once visited multiple times a day to comment, to make new friends and to establish ourselves. Though this doesn’t affect your blogging career in many ways, it limits you from making new blogger friends and to some extent get known. If you were a regular commentator on your friend’s blog until sometime back and if you’ve commenting from a few weeks or months, don’t you think it pinches your friend sometimes? If you are a blogger, it’s necessary that you stay in touch with your blogger buddies and also keep on making new blogger friends so that you never feel lonely in this world full of bloggers. But don’t you lead a busy life?

Until sometime back, I too lived a so-called busy life. I hardly commented on any blogs. I was even forced to neglect a few of my favorite blogs like NetChunks, TechnShare & HackTabs. But now, I’ve found a superb way to stay in touch with my blogger friends and leave quick comments on their blogs to remind them that I’m still here. Here’s how I leave a quick comment on any blog post and how you can do the same to make new buddies & to remind your friends of your & your blog’s existence. Chill, I won’t be sharing any automated spamming tools, By quick I mean quick and not spamming.

Skim Blog Posts & …skim reading

It’s not always possible to read the entire post. Sometimes you just don’t have that much time to read an entire post and then spend a few minutes more on commenting. I know that proper time management does not let this happen, but even to manage your time you need to spend time.

So one working solution is to skim the blog posts. Just read the introduction, the headings, a paragraph or two, the concluding lines and then leave a comment. As far as I’ve experienced, reading only the headings in a post gives you a fair idea about it. Based on what you’ve read, oh skimmed, leave a comment.

While you are commenting, please take care that you don’t post anything like “Thank you so much!”, “Your post made my day!!” or something like that. After all, you are there to make friends and not to spoil your reputation.

Now this is somehow related to the above point. You will still have to skim the blog post and based on what you’ve read, ask a question. Try asking a complicated question to divert the administrator’s attention from your “short comment” to “your question”. Asking questions may not always work and your comment might end up landing in the spam box. This is because your question might already be answered in the post and you just probably didn’t notice it while skimming the post. Thus asking questions can prove fatal for your commenting future.

Don’t mind, but I’ve got a solution for this too. Whenever you ask a question, avoid asking a question related to the headings in the post (if any). This reduces the chances of your question is already answered in the post.

Make Use of Your Friend’s Facebook Profilefacebook addict

We all are active Facebook users, so are your friends. So whenever you read a blog, do not forget to friend that blogger on Facebook. This basically enables you to be updated with what’s happening in that blogger’s life, both personal & professional.

For example, if a blogger updates his Facebook profile with – “Had a nice time celebrating my pet’s birthday!”, you can simply comment on any of his “blog post” and not the Facebook status with “Happy birthday to your pet. Hope the blogger gave you a superb party!”. Don’t forget to add something related to the blog post you read. You can simply thank the blogger for the amazing blog post.

Does this work? Isn’t this something like spamming? This worked for me each time I tried it (I tried this a lot of times.) This isn’t spamming, because you are not posting a duplicate comment, you are not posting too many links, you are not just writing a thank you comment. You are writing something about the blogger’s life. So it’s definitely not spamming.

Obviously, you need to take care while doing this. Don’t over-use this method on the same blog a lot of times. For example, don’t wish the blogger’s pet Happy B’day on two of his blog posts. This is spamming.

This is all I know about leaving a quick comment on a blog post. Of course, I will keep on adding more tips here if something works for me. If you have something to say, or any tips you use to leave quick comments, just comment and I will add them to this post. Have a nice time commenting, sorry quick commenting!