How To Manage Your Blog And Life At The Same Time

I come across many stories of bloggers who basically ‘give up’ because they find they haven’t got the time to keep posting and maintaining a blog be it on WordPress or Blogger. This is quite disappointing from my point of view as it is quite easy to keep a blog going even if you find your life gets busier. A few basic tricks that any blogger can do can make such a difference.

Now to find the solution to why many bloggers give up on their blogs, we need to understand why they are giving up. Now, to be quite frank, it could be any reason from health to a loss in internet but there are a few reasons that keep popping up why many bloggers give up on their blogs.

Lack of Time

Due to a change in the blogger’s lifestyle, he or she may find it more difficult to constantly post onto a blog. It may have gone from daily, to weekly, to hardly rarely, to not at all. Whatever the reason is for the lack of time, there is a way to solve this. Plan ahead! Some bloggers blog for hours on end on one day then ten minutes the next day. This isn’t good as it doesn’t follow a routine and therefore will always feel stop/start. The aim is to keep it flowing and more importantly at your own pace. Don’t feel like your rushing as this will lead to a decrease in the quality of posts. What you want to try and achieve is a daily slot of around 20 minutes to focus on your blog. 15 minutes to make one (good quality) blog post and the last 5 minutes to check out how well your doing and to ‘fiddle’ and tweak your blog.

This has worked wonders for me. After having little time for my blog, I got it into a routine and haven’t looked back since. Going on, if you think you will find it difficult to publish one post a day, consider Sunday night to write down 7 post titles, all in which you will be able to use every day of next week so every day you know what EXACTLY you will be doing. You will find a lot of time is wasted just messing about with nothing on your blog. Giving yourself an objective to do will save a lot of time!

Lack in Motivation

This is probably the main reason why bloggers quit blogging. The enthusiasm that was present at the start of every blogger’s life fades out until the blogger loses interest in blogging and quits. This is quite a surprise to me as I don’t know how their reasons for blogging can differ at all? Just think why you started blogging? Have they changed since you started? The answer is probably yes, but because you most likely have new motivations for making you want to blog.

Take me for example, the reason I started blogging was to help me revise for exams coming up. That was my start-up reason and looking back, that is still my reason. At the age of 16 I will be having many exams for the next two years so I will still be blogging for the next 2 years. However I have new motivational reasons such as blogging makes money, blogging helps not only me but others out there and blogging provides me with a sense of self-achievement. I am still motivated to blog for the same start-up reason, but since the start-up, I have had new additional reasons to blog as well.

Anyway back to the solution, I have found that when bloggers say they give up blogging due to a lack of motivation, it’s not due to a lack of motivation or enthusiasm but due to a lack of commitment. The motivation never changes but the commitment levels always do. This then links back to the first of my points on lack of time. If you are not committed due to a lack of time, you can then use the solution above to solve the solution for lack of motivation. If not, just think of all the reasons to blog! It can you money, help you learn, teaches your IT skills, helps you socialize with other bloggers on the Internet and gives you such a satisfying feeling knowing your blog is becoming successful. I will never forget the first day I made money from blogging. I was using Adsense and had made 35p. I was astonished. I think the reason that keeps me going most is the fact there is no limit to how much you can make. With jobs, you’re limited to a salary. With blogging, the sky is really not the limit, you can go as far as you want.

Lack of Traffic

There will be many bloggers that hear of others with monthly views of 20,000, 30,000 plus. However, this is far from reality for the average blogger and makes the average blogger feel more like a failure than a successor. Traffic for different blogs will always be different, because of many MANY reasons. The aim though is to never compare yourself on traffic because there are so many reasons why that blog may have more traffic than you such it may have a year of articles more than you. The point I’m trying to get across is to never compare yourself to others on traffic, subscribers or number of comments (basically on numbers). When you look at other blogs, forget how much traffic or subscribers or how high a page rank they have, compete against them visually: try to make your blog look better than theirs. Then, you will be a step forward than you were before.

In other cases, a blogger may give up due to a simple lack in traffic. This is also variable with many factors affecting this. How long have you had the blog? How many articles are on it? A blog with low numbers for each question should expect low numbers in traffic. So just remember, as your blog gets older and you publish more posts on it, the traffic will increase. I remember the days when I started up, I use to get a dismal 20-50 people a day with a bounce rate of around 50% so in actual fact, I had about 10-25 actual people look at my blog a day. What you need to do if you are in this situation is to calm down, and remember how you will not always be in this situation. After a couple of months, it should increase dramatically if you post good content often.

Worst comes to worst, if you are a blog that has good content and been on the Internet a long time and STILL has bad traffic, you then have to figure out why? Are you using the right keywords in your article and are you publishing your website? There will be a problem which you will find. I’ll tell you this now, a blog with content should NEVER have low traffic. It just doesn’t happen. If this is you, there is a problem with how you SEO your blog articles.

However, the most important factor that you must have as a blogger is enjoyment. Do you still enjoy blogging? As if you don’t there is no point in blogging at all. You may think I’m repeating myself but motivation and enjoyment are totally different. I’ll give you an example. You could be motivated to do a boring job because you are paid well. You may be motivated to blog but you may not enjoy it. The key in blogging and life is to enjoy it. And if you don’t, you can either do two things. You can figure out why you’re not enjoying blogging anymore and try changing the way you blog to make it more enjoyable, or you could give up and stop. I recommend taking the first option as giving up gets you nowhere in life. Learning from your mistakes will. Thank you for reading.