How To Protect Your Blog Posts?

A few days ago I wrote on content robberies in the blogging and online world. These days plagiarism has increased to a large extent. Everyone is busy copying others posts, articles, and ideas. Authors spend their time and work hard preparing superb posts and some people copy them into their blog and get the benefits! Isn’t that wrong? It’s certainly wrong!

So what to do against this? How to protect my blog posts? How to ensure that my blog posts aren’t copied or people find it difficult to copy them? Here are a few ways to protect your blog posts…

Use Protected By “***”… Logos

Though this is not a way to stop content copying, this logo can put some fear in minds of coipers. So before copying your content, they will think twice! Use logos from Copy Scape, Creative Commons, Etc. This can help you a bit in protecting your content.

2) Add Links To Your Blog From The Original Article

In your blog posts, either in the start or at the end add links to your blog like “Written By XXX From XXX.Com”. Make sure that you add this line in the content area so when someone copies the articles, the links also get copied and you get a backlink plus you come to know that someone has copied your post through a trackback (Not always).

3) Leave A Copyright Notice Below Every Post & In Blog Footer

Another way to make copiers think twice before they copy your posts. Though such notices don’t work and these content thieves often neglect them, you can try them as they are the most traditional methods and they may even work!

4) Add Links To Your Posts From Your RSS Feed

Use RSS Footer plugin to automatically include a note or link in each of your blog feed’s posts. As many copiers use automatic tools that copy articles from your RSS, this may be of great help!

5) Disable Right Click With WP-CopyProtect Plugin

Use WP-CopyProtect plugin to disable right click in your blog. It helps you disable both right click and selection of text in your blog. This will help you protect your blog content from people who copy content manually.

That’s it for this post! I will try finding some more methods of protecting your blog content and present them to you in another article!